Sunday, March 1, 2009

...what happened?

What the you know what?!

How do you outshoot the opposition 30-23 and have 0 goals to show for your own effort and 8 to show for theirs? I'm not exactly ready to completely pin this one on Osgood/Conklin (both played last night) but some of it was their fault. Conklin had trouble controlling rebounds and that lead to a few of the Nashville goals. Osgood replaced Conklin in the first period and didn't do all that much better. The Predators also benefited from some odd bounces and just good luck on some bad turnovers by the Wings.

The thing that's so bad about this loss is that it was completely dominated by the Predators. They out hustled the Wings all night long and seemingly did everything at will. My pregame prediction came true, no not that we'd win. That if we controlled the puck we'd win, and we didn't control it and clearly lost. Hopefully this was just "one of those nights" for the Wings where they were just off and not any type of indication of things on the way down.

To make things even worse, Andreas Lilja got his ass beat by Shea Weber. It was just not the Wings night. Next game is on Tuesday against the Blues

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