Monday, March 2, 2009

League scores and notes

Marty Brodeur continues to improve upon his return from injury as the Devils shut-out the Flyers 3-0. Brodeur had an incredible save and earned his 100th career shut-out, putting him just three behind the legendary Terry Sawchuck.

The Panthers roughed up the Caps 6-2, Ovechkin got his 46th goal in the losing effort. Pittsburgh beat Dallas 4-1, Malkin getting 3 more points to put himself 10 points ahead of Ovie. And apparently noone played goalie for either team in the Flames/Lightning game, as the Lightning outscored the Flames in a 8-6 win, jeeze.

Other news: Steve Ott gets suspended without pay for this. Yeah, I know he was checking Niedemayer from behind at the ened of the game, probably could have done with out that. But the number of Ducks, including Giguere's testicularly aimed slash, didn't land a single one of them a suspension. If you look at the video, Pronger has his gloves off, which means he should be charged with fighting but won't be. And Moen already had Ott within his grasp so I don't know how Ott is the only one to get suspended with all the other players. Don't get me wrong, I hate both of these teams with a passion but what the crap?

Edit: Apparently Ott tried to gouge Moen's eye, so yeah he deserved it. My bad.

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