Monday, March 2, 2009

Uppers and Downers

No, I'm not talking about recreational drugs.

I'm talking about players being called up and others being sent down.

Monday saw the Wings calling up Aaron Downey and Jonathon Ericsson and sending down Darren Helm and Ville Leino. I can kind of understand the Helm move but Leino? He'd scored 5 goals and added 4 assists in 13 games with the Wings. Maybe it's just temporary but I don't understand it. I know Downey can bring more of a physical playing style than Leino or Helm but physicality doesn't directly put the puck in the net.

I can understand Ericsson being called up. He's been waiting for a while to come back up following his injury and the defense has been suspect at times. The question I have is when does Darren Haydar get a crack at the Wings lineup? 63 points in 61 games is pretty good I'd say.

Time will tell if this is a good or bad move. In my opinion, it was too soon to send Leino back to the AHL but as I said, hopefully its just temporary.

Edit: I previously had Leino at playing 5 games with the Wings. I can't read apparently.

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