Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something has been bothering me...

So is it just me or has the NHL become over protective of its stars? And by stars I mean Sidney Crosby.

Example: Last weekend's Caps-Pens game, Ovechkin barely bumps Crosby. Crosby throws a hissy fit and pushes Ovechkin back. Ovy pulls off Crosby's helmet and all you hear for the next few days is how Ovechkin "roughed up Crosby". What is this pre-school? If that's considered rough, its gotta just be because of who was involved.

So I thought about it a little more.

And a little more.

Then I realized the reason that the NHL makes such drastic measures to protect Crosby is because he can't do it himself. He's a dirty fighter. Check the video of him vs. McLean of the Panthers...yeah it totally looks like both are willing. Or the video of him using another player's family jewels as a speed-bag. At least Ovechkin knows how to check people and can put up a decent fight (and he doesn't look like he's constantly crapping himself)

Look Sidney, I know you're good but come on. I can think of 5 players that are within 3 years of his age and are comparable in talent. Hear me out now, I mean that they're comparable considering what they have around them in terms of other stars. Anze Kopitar, Thomas Vanek, Zach Parise, Jeff Carter, and Jonathan Toews are those 5. All 5 are within that 3 year cushion and all five are the best offensive players on their respective team, but the best part about them all? They all keep their freaking mouths shut and simply go back to the bench when something doesn't go their way, instead of crying for a penalty.

I will give you credit for being able to fight better than Alexander Semin though...but then again who can't?


  1. "Anze Kopitar, Thomas Vanek, Zach Parise, Jeff Carter, and Jonathan Toews are those 5."

    Those 5's combined scoring titles: 0
    Those 5's combined conference championships: 0
    Sidney Crosby: 1 and 1

    Point and point.

    Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin....Put them in any order you want, but those are the top three players. No one else is in their tier.


    PS Nice blog!

  2. I'll partially agree. I based it on what they all have around them. I would have named Ovechkin and Malkin but they both have more around them than any of those 5 do.

    I would have to agree that Datsyuk be left out of that list of top players in the league but only because he's a little older than all of them. Gotta admit the man is a monster