Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick Intro

Alright so I'll do a quick little intro.

First off, no, I am not a bandwagon Red Wings fan. I didn't just start liking them in the past few years. Ever since I started watching hockey I've been a Wings fan. I can still name about 75% of the 95 roster...I was like 7 then so thats pretty good.

Second, I will write about the NHL in general too. Although most of it will be on the Red Wings. I'll still talk about other stuff as it comes to my attention. Hockey's by far my favorite sport so it's not like this a chore.

Third, don't argue with the name. Lidstrom was the best defender when I started watching hockey (sorry aging Ray Bourque) and is the best still (the notion that Dion Phaneuf is the best defender makes me want to puke). If you can name a defenseman that has been as good as Lidstrom over the past five years (excluding lock-out) then I'll...well I probably won't give you anything. You get the point.

Fourth, when you read about something, leave a comment.


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